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take a piece of our garden  home 

All our teas are grown organically right here in Maja's Garden or harvested in Manitoulin's wilderness, and then dried with great care. 


Spring Tea

  • Can be blood-cleansing, and may stimulate metabolism.

  • Rich in Iron, Vitamin C and Calcium

Tummy Tea

  • Has helped our family with flatulence, bellyache and stomach cramps.

Summer Tea

  • Refreshing summer flavours hot or cold

Winter Tea

  • Helps to sooth a cough, sore throat or bronchitis.

Woman's Tea

  • Has helped my daughters and myself with menstrual pains

Rheumatism Tea

  • Can also help with gout and be blood-cleansing.

Goodnight Tea

  • We find this tea relaxing and soothing when we have stress, are upset or with symptoms of PMS.

Migraine Tea

  • helps in 50% of migraines 

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recreate the wonderful salads 

Maja's famous mustards are made in Dijon-Style with a wonderful white wine called Riesling.

Mustard Powder together with apple cider vinegar, cane sugar and natural spices.

Great for Marinades,

Salad Dressings,

Soups and Stir Fry's

Hot Mustard

  • Made with Green Peppercorns


Honey Mustard

  • Contains Maja's own unpasteurized honey.


Horse Radish Mustard

  • A coarse mustard with shredded horseradish and whole mustard seeds adding texture.  Try on beef, with cheese, on fish or in soups.


Italian Supremo Mustard

  • Contains lots of black olives, additional red wine , sundried tomatoes and Herbes De Provence.



Jams and Jellies  

taste summer in a Jar  

All our Jams and Jellies are made with care from the bountiful berries and fruit we grow in our organic garden.

They are made without certo and are considered vegan.


We grow:



Red Current




Sour Cherries









We mix and match them all to our delight and hopefully yours.



Relish & Chutney

chef quality at your fingertips

Squash Apple relish

  • featured in our famous Cheese sandwich, fresh hint of piquant  

Beet Horseradish relish

  • use on hamburger, Beef, Pork, Herring, Potatoes

Mango Chutney

  • use in dips, hot or cold great with pork and chicken, I love to thin it, heat it and serve it as a sauce or glaze.

Indian Chutney

  • cold or hot, add water or yoghurt to thin it great instant curry sauce we often serve it on rice 

 Maple Syrup Rosemary Onion Marinade

  • thin and heat - great on many dishes 

Quince Hot Red Pepper Jelly

  • serve this spicy jelly hot as a sauce with Sour cherries on pork, you will be a hit

Hot Threesome

  • three of our berries mixed with our habanero pepper paste. Serve on baked brie or baked apples

Habanero Pepper paste

  • spice it up the easy way 




sweet Manitoulin memories 

Maja's Honey is raw, natural, unpasteurized without anything added or taken away from it.


Beekeeping is hard work. Here in Mindemoya on Manitoulin Island we are part of northern Ontario. Many winters are harsh and unkind to our bee population. Our losses often exceed 50% in some years.

in the past 10 years we played our small part to the overall bee population on Manitoulin. 




Please do not give it to a child under 1-year-old, as their gut flora may not be able to work yet with the beneficial bacteria present in Honey. ​​



Oils &  Cremes  

healing in gentle ways 

Evergreen Tip Syrup

  • great to sweeten teas and desserts 

       in Europe it is well known as a very

       effective cough syrup

​​​St. John'swort Oil

  • well known for it's highly effective anti-inflammatory properties applied topically 

​​Chamomile Oil

  • assist wonderfully in reducing rheumatic inflammation pain, apply topically 

Calendula Creame

  • Excellent for, cuts, insect bites, diaper rash, bed sores, minor burns, chapped lips and some forms of eczema 

Women's menopausal creame

  • apply topically onto glands


Remember if you drink , eat something or rub something on, know what you're doing, know what you can and cannot tolerate. Ask your doctor if you're not sure.​

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